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Remark Office Omr 8.iso

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7. Form B6D is used together with Form B3, type 22, Ships' Stores, Sales to the Governor General and Diplomats. It has the declaration of the vessel's master or agent, or the airline company's agent, certifying that the goods are for use as ships' stores. It also has the border service officer's certificate that the goods were accompanied on board and sealed on the vessel or aircraft. You can find more information on ships' stores in Memorandum D4-2-1, Ships' Stores Regulations.

10. The B3 form package must also include all certificates, licences, permits, or other documents that may be required by another government department or agency as they apply to their acts or regulations for imported goods. However, consolidated Form B3 accounting documents (Form B3, type F) used to account for goods released under the Courier/Low Value Shipment (LVS) Program are not to include supporting documentation when the accounting document is presented to customs. Any supporting documentation (i.e., invoices, Orders in Council) are to be held at the importer's and broker's premises to allow an officer in the future to perform an audit of the records and to obtain or verify the information on which the calculation of duties was based.

11. The border services officer will review Form B3 documentation to ensure compliance with the CBSA's requirements. They will return any B3 form that does not meet the requirements to the importer/owner or broker, and where applicable, withhold release of goods. In all such cases, the border services officer will inform the importer/owner or broker of the reasons for rejection.

12. When Form B3 is presented at a terminal office and is paid either by cash or account, only one copy is required: the CBSA copy. The official receipt for monies tendered for payment of Form B3 at automated locations is a stamped duty-paid copy of a Detailed Coding Statement (DCS) for cash entries or a Form K84, Importer/Broker Account Statement, for account entries. Both these statements are generated by the customs automated system. For details, refer to Memorandum D17-1-5, Registration, Accounting and Payment for Commercial Goods.

14. Under the Courier LVS Program, approved participants can consolidate a number of shipments on Form B3, type F. This consolidation may include a number of LVS, which were released from the CBSA. Goods that are prohibited, controlled, or regulated by an Act of Parliament or a regulation made under such an Act are excluded from this program. However, the program accepts goods for which a special authority (i.e., Order in Council) applies. Goods valued at greater than the Courier LVS threshold are also excluded from this program. Consolidation of this B3 form may be made by a CBSA office, a regional consolidation, a consolidation by carrier, a consolidation by importer, or a national consolidation. For more information regarding the Courier LVS Program, refer to Memorandum D17-4-0, Courier Low Value Shipment Program.

15. Because Form B3 (bonded warehouse) is a multi-use form, the number of copies required will depend on the type. The following chart outlines this information when Form B3 is presented at a terminal office.

16.At non-terminal offices, an importer's/broker's copy of the documentation is required for return with a daily notice of transactions finalized that day. The CBSA copy will be date-stamped with the date of final accounting and forwarded to the appropriate automated office.

For goods subject to the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), importers not enrolled in the Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) program must clearly show the description of the goods. The description must conf


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