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Jump King

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Jump King is a 2019 platforming video game developed by Nexile. Jump King was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on May 3, 2019. It was released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on June 9, 2020.[1] In the game, players must ascend a vertical map and avoid falling down by making careful jumps.[3] Multiple free expansions for the game have been released since its launch.[4]

The player controls a king who can move by either jumping or walking, and must reach the top of an extremely tall tower to beat the game. Jumps can be charged, which affects how far the player moves each time they perform a jump. The game encourages players to experiment and features multiple routes to reach the top of the tower and beat the game.[1] Additionally, at the top of the tower, there is a "smoking hot babe", teased through dialogue at the beginning of the game.

A new Tower, that will push your limits. Classical hard jumps, combined with new gimmicks & refined old gimmicks will come along the journey. Those will be your obstacles, while you jump your way to the top in order to achieve immortality(+).

Jump King is a platforming game where the player is trying to lead their character up through a very tall tower. Each room of the tower has a variety of small platforms that the player has to jump to in order to reach the next room. The trick is that the Jump King character isn't the easiest to control. They can be moved left or right, but the jumping requires players to hold down a button in order to "charge" a jump. If the player doesn't aim correctly, they can fall through several rooms they'd previously passed.

Why Jump King is becoming a popular viral diversion for Twitch streamers should hopefully be much more understandable. It's a torturous game where basic jumping can be tedious, and it adds all manner of obstacles including ramps, snow, and quicksand to make the basic act even more difficult. Every fall can result in the player mentally breaking due to frustration. In other words, it's exactly what Twitch viewers love to see streamers go through.

So getting the angles and pressure just right can be an absolute nightmare. More often than not you end up overshooting the platform and falling down a screen or three. And if that happens, thanks to the erratic nature of the jumping mechanics you could quite easily spend another half hour trying to get back up to where you were to start with, before falling down again. Perhaps even further than before.

Not only that but when you get higher there are more challenges that await. Slopes for example (so much anger for slopes) weather conditions such as wind and snow which affect how you can jump or what you can see.

Too much is left to chance and not enough to player skill. I guess you could call it the pure definition of insanity. But those gamers who like a cruel, twisted challenge to keep them awake at night whispering just one more jump over and over again will find a decent game and one almighty almost insurmountable challenge here.

The point of Jump King is to be an extreme test of your patience and endurance. It certainly succeeds in that. One wrong jump can send you falling back one or two screens. One incredibly wrong and supremely unlucky jump can send you careening through dozens of screens straight back to the beginning of the game. Failed jumps often land in that second category.

Gameplay-Prepare for true high-stakes platforming!The only way forward is up, and your only enemy is yourself! Tension rises with each jump when a single mistake means a long fall - and you have to get back up again yourself...

If you fancy torturing yourself or some friends (or are a wacky YouTuber!!11!LOL) with this hard as nails, repetitive jumping game then you may get something out of Jump King. But for those of us just looking for a fun platforming challenge, there are countless better games out there fit for the task.

Criteria for becoming one of these games usually involve a game ha


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