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Cheapest Place To Buy Real Techniques Brushes


Cheapest Place To Buy Real Techniques Brushes

After all, Real Techniques makeup brushes were made by makeup artists, so functionality is a major consideration in both the design of the brushes, and the design of the really nice case that comes with each set.

I knew that I was not going to a makeup school after I graduated, but I really wanted to have some good makeup brushes. Just to be able to use them on myself, really!So I did my research, and unfortunately, it was quite clear: if you want good makeup brushes, it comes at a (high) price!

As you can see from the photo above the brushes are in a pretty bad state and I only wash them with water and soap (actually a really soft baby shampoo). Bristles are coming out left right and center and are starting to detach from the handle (especially you can see the top one in photo above).

This is exactly what happened to my real techniques make up brushes after washing in gentle warm water and baby shampoo. After 3 months, I could basically pull the brush head apart as the glue was starting to melt. I thought I was the only one.

Just received a RT core set and I will return it tomorrow: the bristles of the contour brush and even the buffing brush were so scratchy! Very bad quality. My old ebay brush, that is a dupe of the buffing brush is equally dense and smoother. I bought RT brushes to replace it, but I ended up by ordering Sigma and Sedona Lace. Never RT again!

I just have bought some RT brushes and since they have been washed only two times, i cant give a solid opinion. Just to note one thing, that maybe it is not important, but it really surprised me: In the first wash of the Expert Face Brush , no bristle went away that i notice, but the logo painted in the handle did (and they were bought throught the official web site so they are not fakes!).

I just bought some real techniques face brush set, and honestly even the brushes I bought from eBay were a lot softer and nicer. As soon as I took the brushes out of the packaging, I could already see the bristles falling out and I could feel the bristles on my face were a lot harsher than the eBay ones. Definitely going back for a refund.. I expected better

I definitely agree with this post. I have owned my Real Technique brushes for a few years now and I do love them but only some of them are useful. I bought both sets and also some individuals and from those I really only use the ones for (all the time though) eye shadow (excluding the angled and thin ones), blush, setting and the expert face brush.

I dont watch them, I much appreciate Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury or Monika Blunder for their skills AND creativity, not mentioning what kind of people they were working on. But I have decided to buy her eye brushes, they re good but Im spoiled by Tom Ford and Bobbi Brown brushes really! I still use them though. I think they re the best if you are on a budget, soft, dont shed and work well.

I JUST did a quick review of these brushes and I am in love with their stippling brush for putting on foundation and they are indeed really soft! I also bought the travel essential set and found the eyeshadow brush is awesome for blending and multi purpose brush is great for putting on powder to set everything. not liking the prickly foundation brush though. I got them all from and they were so much cheaper it was definitely worth the 2 weeks wait!

Tame your counter clutter and keep your essential make-up tools clean, dry, and within reach! Real Techniques has products to help organise your vanity and travel solutions for on-the-go.Our products are all vegan, 100% cruelty free and PETA certified. Real Techniques has committed to ensuring that all products have not and will not be subject to animal testing, regardless of where the product is sold.Whatever your style, introvert or extrovert, stand out or blend in, these are the only tools you need to unlock the power of your make-up. Let Real Techniques help you be unapologetically


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