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Where To Buy Olathe Sweet Corn

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Flavor is the largest telling factor for proving legitimacy, along with location of where you find the corn. Kroger stores, including King Soopers locations, are some of the largest sellers of Olathe Sweet Corn due to agreements by farmers to sell either most or all of their yields to the grocery store chain.

The corn has ancient roots and the family responsible for creating the sweet corn searched for varieties that were sweet to the taste. According to Tuxedo Corn Company officials, the seeds in use today are seeds that were cross-bred between multiple ancient corn species.

I so know what you mean about those "back home" type cravings. When I go back to CA I always have a list of must eat at restaurant's, and always crave Hatch Green Chile from N.M. Also a fan of good sweet corn

Juli, at my house in Woodstock, Illinois I was in a small neighborhood pretty much surrounded by cows, horse farms and corn fields. Needles to say I had all the sweet corn I needed. Now that I'm primarily in Huntsville I mostly miss Chicago pizza, but I'll be going back soon to get my fix!

It's hard to beat the taste of buttered sweet corn! The stuff they have been selling at Costco is pretty good, though I don't know what kind it is. We didn't bother growing any this summer, so had to break down and buy some.

Olathe decided to celebrate the fact that it was thriving, and what better way than to have a sweet corn festival The first festival was on a rainy day in August 1992. And guess what More than 800 people showed up. Nowadays about 20,000 people come to the festival. And you know what they get to do Eat all the sweet corn they want. In 1999, participants ate 70,000 ears of "Olathe Sweet" donated by the growers. Can you imagine how many people there were to eat that many ears of corn page 1 of 1About Local Legacies

Hungenberg Produce is proud to have served the Colorado community for the last 100 years with the freshest vegetables from their local farm! Located in Greeley Colorado, this family-owned farm began in 1908, when Emily Hungenberg bought 7-acres of land with her three sons after the passing of her husband in 1904. The farm proved to be a success for the family, so they continued to add more acreage to grow sweet corn, onions, red beets and more! Hungenberg Produce presently farms on 4,000-acres comprised of high-quality carrots, cabbage, onions, pinto beans and corn.

In Montrose County, the Housing Authority used USDA funds to build a 72-bed dorm in Olathe in 2003. Federally subsidized farm worker housing is available only to US citizens and legal immigrants, but local farmers want to house H-2A workers in the dorm. USDA had not approved housing H-2A workers as of April 2008, which farmers said may prevent them from planting sweet corn as usual. 59ce067264


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