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Buying Condoms On Ebay

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Buying Condoms On Ebay

If you have ever asked yourself, is it safe to buy condoms online, you might want to watch the below video. This is something to seriously take into consideration when it comes to your safety. Although the video is meant to be funny, counterfeit condoms or damaged condoms is no laughing matter.

Reason #1 of 299, Don't Buy Condoms Online from ebay, buy condoms from a trusted condom store like Rip n Roll has been selling condoms online since 1996 and we sell every brand you can imagine like Trojan, Crown, Durex, Lifestyles and even flavored and small condoms. America's Condom Superstore, RipnRoll for all of your condom and rubber needs. #condoms #ebaycondoms #buycondoms #condomcommercial

So in Oct, the "refurbished" term started showing up in search, inappropriately........ we were told, after much discussion that it would be fixed. In Nov or so, we were told it would be fixed, I believe in Jan, since ebay didn't want to take a chance of a creating a glitch in the 4th quarter......sigh........

I certainly agree that the new/used/etc item specifics could be handled better.......and all ebay needs to do is ask some big sellers in each category to submit ideas on what's needed and they'd get a lot better selection than they have presently. And that would be true for all item specifics in all categories. I sure get tired of filling in "Brand" in some of the item specifics in which the Brand is the category......... but I'm off topic.........

Reason for the fixation about refurbished condoms UNLESS the seller actually chooses that as their description it really doen's matter. Now IF a seller chose that as a description then you have a valid complaint.

A growing number of Canadians are buying medical devices from the Internet. Many of the websites that sell medical devices are lawful businesses that provide a useful service. However, others sell devices that may present serious health risks, and some may take your money and send no product at all.

There are nearly 1,800 generic types of medical devices on the Canadian market. They range from pacemakers to diagnostic kits (like pregnancy tests), contact lenses and condoms. Canada's Food and Drugs Act defines a medical device as any article, instrument or apparatus intended to diagnose, treat, manage or prevent disease or other health conditions.

We can all agree that condom is the most common contraceptive in our time. Many of you may think that all condoms are the same, but the truth is, picking the right condom will give you an ease of knowing that you are using a reliable contraception to solve your sexual needs.

Zero One is known for its extremely soft surface and the stretchy material. In a luxurious box that contains the neatly arranged condoms. Made in Japan, the quality is untouched, although priced in a higher range, it does not fail to provide comfort and reliability.

As the name suggests, they are one of the thinnest condoms sold in Japan, with only just 0.01mm range. Besides its incredible softness, you can be confident that it will bring you and your partner closer by the extreme warmth and comfort being shared without restrictions.

This product is based on the voice of a high school girl and is a product that girls who are buying condoms for the first time should definitely pick it up. This product is not required to be deflated at the tip like typical condoms, avoiding awkward glaze for your first time.

Sagami's latex condoms are made from the finest natural rubber latex from Malaysia. Sagami began operation in 1934 as the first condom manufacturer in Japan. Since then, Sagami has manufactured very high-quality condoms for 70 years, supported by high level manufacturing technology and strict quality control.

Sagami's finest condoms have been distributed to over 80 countries as well as Japanese market and acquired a very good reputation. You can trust Sagami to alleviate your special night, the 009 dot is the thick type


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