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Buy Bluegreen Points


The main advantage of buying timeshare through a resale channel is the potential savings. Plus, you'll find an amazing selection of timeshare interests for sale - from fixed and flex weeks to real estate and points-based vacation club ownership, from the west coast to the east and points beyond. Out of thousands of timeshare resort interests for sale , there's a good chance you'll find a resort you like in the location you want to be.

Traditional timeshare programs involve the owners reserving the same accommodations, at the same resort, during the same time of year, every year. That type of ownership can get boring, even if it saves you money in the long run. But the timeshare industry is constantly changing, and major resort brands and vacation clubs are coming out with new ways to maximize the vacation ownership experience. One of these new methods comes from Bluegreen Vacation Club, with their easy-to-use Bluegreen points system.

When you buy Bluegreen points and become a member of the Bluegreen Vacation Club, you'll receive a set amount of points each year to use on accommodations. These points are determined by what kind of accommodations you own, or what level membership you have. You can make reservations at your home resort every year, or use points to exchange your Bluegreen accommodations and book at other BVC resorts.

Are you a BVC owner looking to sell Bluegreen points Let help put your Bluegreen ownership in front of thousands of interested buyers daily, and have your timeshare sold simple and stress-free.

The important thing to remember when using your points to book Bluegreen resorts is that you have options. Your first option is to simply use your Bluegreen Vacation Club points to reserve your home accommodations and vacation at the resort at which you bought your Bluegreen timeshare. Your other option is to explore what else you can find within the Bluegreen network of resorts.

If you choose to explore other options, it is important to understand how the points system works. Certain reservations cost a certain amount of points. Point values for reservations are determined based on time of year, type of accommodations, resort rating, and more. For example, a three bedroom villa in a popular destination like Aruba will cost more points than a one bedroom suite in a less popular destination like Missouri.

The Bluegreen Vacation Club allows owners to be fairly flexible with their points, giving them options on where and when they choose to spend them. One great feature of Bluegreen points is the banking and borrowing process.

Let's say you want to look at another Bluegreen resort for your vacation. You really like the rooms available at the Pono Kai Resort in Hawaii, but they cost more points than you currently have. The good news is, you can borrow some points from the following year to book the accommodations you want at the Pono Kai, as long as you're willing to part with them next year.

Let's look at another scenario. You bought accommodations at The Innsbruck Aspen in Colorado, but you don't feel like taking a ski vacation this year. Instead, you want to visit your family in Phoenix, and you heard the dry Arizona heat provides a comfortable escape during the winter. You end up spending less points on accommodations at the Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria (just minutes away from your family), than you would have at the Innsbruck. You can bank those extra points you saved, and use them the following year to take a bigger vacation.

I need to say, in the interest of fairness, that the Bluegreen facilities that we have stayed at have been nice. We have stayed at the Fountains in Orlando twice and The Falls in Branson once. In addition we stayed at an RCI resort in central Arkansas with our points. All facilities have been clean, generally decently maintained, and the Bluegreen facilities have been in good locations. The Fountains is especially handy if you are going to Disney or


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