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The Taming Of The Shrew(1967)


Baptista Minola is attempting to marry off his two daughters; however, he will marry off his youngest, Bianca only if someone will marry his eldest, Katherina. Katherina is an ill-tempered shrewish woman but a lusty young nobleman, Petruchio, takes on the challenge of taming and marrying her. A subplot involves the wooing of Bianca by several suitors including handsome Lucentio, foppish Hortensio, and elderly Gremio.

Fans of Shakespeare likely know that Franco Zefferelli adapted his "Romeo and Juliet" into a movie in 1968. They might not know that the previous year he brought another Shakespeare work to the big screen. "The Taming of the Shrew" casts Richard Burton as the roguish Petruchio, wooing the foul-tempered Katharina (Elizabeth Taylor), so that the latter's sister can eventually find a husband. Obviously the gender relations are a little dated - the idea of taming a woman sounds like something created by Don Draper - but the movie is enjoyable enough. I found the most intriguing character to be Lucentio (Michael York); he seems like the type who has a lot to reveal about himself and others.Anyway, we can revel in the movie as long as we understand the backwards subject matter. Enjoy! 59ce067264


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