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Where To Buy Antibodies

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Where To Buy Antibodies

Bio-Rad is a global manufacturer and supplier of over 10,000 antibodies, kits and accessories. When you buy antibodies from us, not only do we provide antibodies of the highest quality, but we also pride ourselves on providing great customer support as well.

We also offer custom antibody services with a variety of manufacture and modification options. Whether you need a large amount of antibodies for a specific project, or the in-house demand exceeds your capacity, Bio-Rad can accommodate your needs. You can buy custom antibodies on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing production provision.

When you buy antibodies from us, we stand behind the quality of that antibody. Bio-Rad performs both in house testing, as well as a thorough review of published literature, to determine which applications are suitable for use with our antibodies.

We are also very proud of the high quality of our HuCAL custom monoclonal antibodies. With over 45 billion unique Fab antibody sequences in our HuCAL PLATINUM library, we are confident that we can generate an antibody against any antigen.

An antibody is a Y shaped protein that is produced in the immune system and is designed to target a specific protein or molecule. Due to the highly specific nature of antibodies, they can be used as powerful tools for research. Over the years a variety of techniques and applications have been developed using antibodies. These include Immunoassays, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry, Western blotting and more.

R&D Systems offers a wide range of antibodies to cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are available with multiple labeled options or unlabeled. With over 20,000 antibody products validated in 25+ species and 15+ applications, our antibodies fit into all work flows.

Primary antibodies are used to detect a wide range of targets in variety of applications. R&D Systems offers an extensive catalog of primary antibodies to take your research to the next level. We offer traditional monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies as well as recombinantly expressed antibodies. We provide multiple size options from our sample size to test an antibody to our ability to scale up antibody product and provide large quantity bulk sizes.

Recombinant Monoclonal AntibodiesMinimize one source of experimental variability with recombinant antibodies. We offer recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies as well as recombinant mouse and rat antibodies from our traditional hybridomas.

Blocking/Neutralizing AntibodiesOur extensive collection of proteins and our bioassay expertise allow us to provide the best and most dependable selection of blocking/neutralizing antibodies on the market.

In this series of webinars, we will provide investigators with the necessary tools to design, run, and analyze a multi-parameter flow cytometric experiment. Flow cytometry is a powerful technique that allows researchers to examine multiple proteins on cell populations using fluorescently labeled antibodies. In order to maximize the quality of results obtained, researchers should become familiar with the basics when setting up an experiment.

Learn more about the R&D Systems approach to developing antibodies. This webinar highlights the importance of having an integrated approach to antibody development, which includes antigen design, testing, and quality control. Using examples for Western Blot, flow cytometry, and other major applications we will show some pitfalls and improvements in our 20 years of experience in developing new reagents.

In many instances, common sense and experience come to the rescue. If we are studying an extracellular matrix molecule and our antiserum picks out nuclei like beacons, it is time for some healthy skepticism. Many investigators use multiple antibodies from different sources and compare stainin


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